Glade One

380 acres of pure magic

Glade One is a golf estate spanning over 380 acres, perfectly curated with thousands of trees and millions of plants and shrubs, along with lakes, an award-winning parkland style golf course, a club, resort and spa, a fine-dine restaurant, and boutique villas. With so much to offer, it still is that One place where you could spend time with nature under the open sky.

The Glade One community found their zion just a 20 minute drive away from the city. United by their common quest of peaceful every day, they sought enriching solitudes, bespoke luxuries, and tranquil backdrops to something much larger, all in nature’s proximity. A legacy uninterrupted like the Glade One horizons. A rough and tumble childhood for their children. All this, but not as a fleeting, momentary respite; no. They chose the Glade One Life, for life.

You may call it heaven. They call it home. 


Glade One,
Sanand-Bavla Road,
Nani Devati,
Gujarat – 382170

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March 2023 (Work in progress)

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